Kim & Tiffany - A City Chic Engagement Session - Brooklyn, NY

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How we met (Tiffany's Perspective)

It was a summer evening in July.  July 7, 2012, to be exact. My sorority sisters invited me for a “girl’s night out” at “First Saturday’s” at the Brooklyn Museum.  Towards the end of the night, my friend wanted to meet up with her boyfriend who was also attending the event. As I waited for my friend, I was approached by a tall and handsome man with a huge smile on his face.

We exchanged greetings and the conversation began to flow.  I knew that something was special about this chance encounter. We talked for a while and I shared that I worked in Jersey City and later learned that he worked for the same company as my Mother.  Kim and I would later learn that we also had mutual friends. Ok, God was this a sign?

Kim, enamored and intrigued, asked me on TWO dates—the first in Jersey City and the second in Manhattan. Charmed by Kim’s persistence and sense of humor, I agreed.  Kim quickly asked me for my phone number before I was whisked away by my friends.  Later that evening, I received a text, checking to see if I made it home safely (a true gentleman).  

Fast forward, and on September 29, 2012 Kim asked me to be his girlfriend after we spent a fun-filled day with friends at the Smorgasbord in Brooklyn.  Our mutual love for one another, travel, family, faith, food, new experiences, and laughter was the tie that bound us together

The Proposal (Tiffany's Perspective)

August 19, 2017, my life forever changed. Unbeknownst to me, Kim had devised a master plan and included my family and closest friends to pull off the most thoughtful, sweet, and beautiful engagement. Kim proposed on my father’s birthday at Il Castello’s, a fine dining Italian restaurant in Woodbridge, NJ surrounded by my family and best friends. Later that evening, Kim took me to Echo Tap & Grill in Mountainside, NJ where he organized 30 of our friends and family from near and far for a surprise engagement celebration. It was perfect.

Describe the engagement session

The photoshoot was great! Sheronda and Derrick make a great team. They are professional, patient, energetic, and creative. We really appreciated their willingness to travel to NYC and not only bring our vision to life but surpass it! The direction and coaching we received while shooting was excellent and extremely helpful. The engagement shoot made Kim and I even more excited for the big day! Sheronda and Derrick are truly a pleasure to work and exude such great energy.  We are so honored and blessed to have them photograph our wedding day. 

What did you do on your first date?

Our first date was dinner and cocktails on the waterfront in Jersey City.  I broke the ice by starting the date sharing my most embarrassing moment with Kim! We had great chemistry, talked for hours, and had lots of laughs. 

How has the wedding planning been so far?

Wedding planning has been great. Kim and I have been working really well together as a team. It has proven to be a good opportunity to grow closer as we are making important decisions concerning our wedding. We are both so excited not only for the wedding but more so the journey after as husband and wife.

Tell us what you’re looking forward to the most on the wedding day


I cannot wait for the moment when I enter the sanctuary and see Kim for the first time at the end of the aisle. I wonder what feelings will rush through my me as I lay eyes on Kim for the first time.