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You're Engaged! How Exciting!


The question was popped and you said yes, now the fun begins! Every aspect of this journey will be memorable.  From selecting the fabulous members of your wedding party to choosing the lovely floral arrangements, every intricate detail of your wedding day will be fabulous and I want to hear all about it. 


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Partners in Life and Business...

My husband Derrick and I are a husband and wife photography team based in Philadelphia, PA.  We are the proud parents of 2 adorable children Cameron & Erica who are truly awesome and have changed our lives in such an amazing way! Aside from spending time with our children I enjoy curling up on the couch sipping a warm cup of cinnamon apple spice tea, while Derrick loves going to the gym and drinking a venti caramel macchiato from Starbucks.


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Timeless, Elegant, Forever

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